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jardine foods at amador vintage market

Jardine Foods at Amador Vintage Market

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Did you know that we have various gourmet food products for sale at Amador Vintage Market?


In addition to complementing your meal and serving as a staple for your most favorite recipes, these products also make great gifts for your family, friends and co-workers. Over the next few months, we will highlight individual items that we sell at the Market; let’s begin with Jardine Foods.

Jardine Restaurant Style Salsa

Jardine has produced premium-quality Texas foods since 1979 and we have carried their products in the Market since our inception. According to Jardine, Southwestern flavors are not a trend, they are a way of life. They have a wide variety of foods that your family will love, from classic traditional-style Texas recipes to exciting variations on Southwestern themes. They do it all in-house, from development to production, so every step of the way they ensure quality and taste. The result is the very best Texas-style salsas, sauces and other fine foods which we are proud to offer our customers.


Next time you are in the Market ask us about Jardine Foods. You can also learn more about their product line here:

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