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Chef Beth Sogaard


Beth Sogaard Catering and the Amador Vintage Market are located on historic Main Street, Plymouth in the 1938 brick Wheeler Building, home to the original market in town. Situated as the gateway to dozens of world class wineries, Plymouth is the perfect location to house my dream of a thriving catering business and wine country marketplace. My deli at Amador Vintage Market feeds hundreds of hungry wine tasters and locals every weekend, and has grown to encompass a special events venue, a truly unique gourmet product line, fabulous beers and wines from all over the globe and, of course, our highly acclaimed “Dinner with Class” educational program. The catering department travels throughout the region with an unbelievable variety of services and foods to feed thousands when needed. I must point out that it takes a dedicated group of talented professionals to create such memorable events, and that everything from the simplest sandwich to the exquisite wedding design for 300 is indeed a team effort. We are all here because this is our passion…


I began my culinary career in 1994, after completing my professional degree at Lederwolff Culinary Academy and have since furthered my education by attending master classes at the Culinary Institute of America’s Napa Valley Greystone campus. I opened my own catering company in 1999 and grew the business into the diverse enterprise you now find on Main Street. Every year more folks stop in to enjoy our house made items and to enjoy our wonderful small town hospitality. For me it really is a dream come true!

Chef Beth


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