Blue Potato Coins with Beet Pesto and Smoked Salmon
Blue Potato Coins with Beet Pesto and Smoked Salmon

Blue Potatoes with Beet Pesto and Smoked Salmon

  By Beth Sogaard  ,

November 10, 2017

These are very colorful and intriguing.

  • Yields: 12 pieces


1 1/2 cups cooked chopped beets

2 garlic cloves, peeled

1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese

1/4 cup pine nuts

1/4 cup basil leaves, coursely chopped

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp kosher salt (or to taste)

1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper

5 oz. blue fingerling potatoes

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1/2 tsp minced garlic

1/2 tsp kosher salt

3 oz. smoked salmon


1Make the pesto up to three days ahead of time by combining the beets, garlic, parmesan, pine nuts, basil, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 teaspoon kosher salt and the pepper in the work bowl of a food processor or blender. Whir to combine into a paste. Taste and add more salt if needed.

2To assemble: Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Slice the potatoes into slices that are just over 1/4 inch thick - you want them thick enough to pick up with your fingers after roasting. Toss with the 1 tablespoon olive oil, the 1/2 teaspoon salt and the minced garlic to coat evenly. Bake on a baking sheet for 25 minutes or until just tender through. Let cool to room temperature.

3To serve the potatoes spoon a bit of beet pesto onto the center of each potato coin, then finish with a chunk of smoked salmon. If using gravlax style salmon cut into small pieces or slivers.

If you can't find blue potatoes, you can substitute regular fingerling or small yukon gold potatoes. You can also just serve the potatoes with a little goat cheese or creme fraîche on top.